Course Duration

Approx. 4 Hours



Doubt Clearing


Skill Level


About Course

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  • Understand number systems and binary arithmetic.
  • Learn program analysis, including testing programs, programmer documentation, algorithms, many more.
  • Deep learning on C++ language.

What you will get to learn

  • Introduction, Binary number, Concept related to binary system, Decimal Number system, Octal number system, Hexadecimal number system
  • Conversion techniques, Decimal to Binary conversion, Fractional decimal to binary conversion, Fractional decimal to binary conversion, Example, Binary to Decimal conversion, Example
  • Decimal to Octal conversion, Fractional decimal to octal conversion, Examples, Octal to decimal conversion, Decimal to hexadecimal conversion, Fractional decimal to hex conversion, Hexadecimal to decimal conversion

  • Program Analysis, Analyzing the problem, Program Design, Coding Programs, Testing Programs, Documentation, Programmer documentation, Algorithms, Problems
  • Problems, Flowcharts, Examples of flowcharts, Structured Programming and Modular Programming concepts, Pseudo-code

  • Beginning with C++
  • Keyword, Identifier, Data types, User defined data types
  • C++ Programs
  • Decision Control Structure
  • Loop Control Structure
  • Storage Class
  • Function
  • Recursive Function
  • Pointer
  • Array
  • String
  • Array of Pointer to Strings
  • Structure
  • Memory Management

  • Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Visual Basic Environment (Menu bar, Toolbar)
  • Visual Basic Environment (Properties setting, Form layout)
  • Visual Basic Programming (Variable, Constants, Defining variables, Arrays)
  • Visual Basic Programming (Relational operators, Control flow statements, loop statement, Nesting of loops)
  • Visual Basic Programming (Use of built in functions, Event driven programming, Simple VB project simple calculator)

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