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With over 17+ years of experience in conducting offline vocational training programs, academic coaching, training and workshops for different technologies as well as Government-funded courses and projects, Hrishi Computer Education has not only aided & certified over 35,000+ students but has also enhanced their career prospects.

To facilitate the continuity of education for several students this vacation, Hrishi Computer Education has come up with a digital learning program – HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI

At this online program students will get access to learn several of our featured online courses & also gain mastery over them.

Acquire the benefits of interpreting & understanding the each topic with complete mastery over concepts & skills.

Why one should have detailed knowledge of Advance Excel and Tally.ERP 9?

The person who has advanced excel skills plays a major role in the management of information systems (MIS) by Analyzing, Sorting, Tabulating Raw Data and presenting it to Managers in proper form.

Most of the business decisions based upon analysis of historical data such as trends in sales, profit, customer complaints over the years. This task can be very well performed if one has excellent advanced excel skill.

Nowadays most of the office tasks related to Accounts, Admin, HR, Sales, Purchase, Stock etc. are managed by using Excel.

The person who has advanced Excel skills can analyse raw and voluminous data and presents it to the Managers using charts and graphs so that they can quickly make decisions on the most complex problems.

The person who has Tally skills plays a major role in the management of the accounting system by Analyzing, Sorting, Tabulating Data and present it to Managers.

Learning Tally during college days gives you a clear understanding of theory accounting concepts by implementing it practically and boost your academic performance.

The growth of almost every business is tracked by amazing accounting software Tally.ERP9 in all areas like Billing, Inventory, Debtors, Creditors, Auditing, Tax Compliance etc.. which are the crucial aspects of business

Most of the business decisions based upon analysis of historical data such as trends in sales, profit over the years. This task can be very well performed if one has excellent Tally skill.

Bundle Courses Included in this Course

Mastering Advance Excel - Part 1

Everything you need to know about Advance Excel, from Basic to Advance.

Tally.ERP 9 with GST

Learn India's most Trusted Business Management Software and Excel your skill in accounting.

Advantages of Bundle Course

24 x 7 Online access to course material

Comprehensive study notes prepared by expert faculty in soft copy format.

Training by experienced professionals with relevant experience.

Course content vatted by leading companies employability ready skills to work from day one.

Case study approach

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Experience quality online teaching of our concepts, & logics behind the course, & become unstoppable at reaching new heights with flying colors.

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Overview of Bundle Course

productive output

The person having good Tally and Adv. Excel skill give more productive output in less time

job opportuni

Preference given by all most 90% Job opportunities

workflow tracking system

Gain the ability to organize, calculate & evaluate quantitative data commonly required in business & managerial decision-making

bundle course job opportunity

Get access to practical aspects of the business with more clarity

logical thinking

Boost Intelligence Quotient & build decision-making capabilities through logical thinking

workflow tracking system

Improve visualisation ability & create proper workflow tracking system

career course

Adds value to your CV and helps you get the desired job/career advancement

incresed value

Get increased value as an employee