Free Bundled Courses with MS-Office

With over 17+ years of experience in conducting offline vocational training programs, academic coaching, training and workshops for different technologies as well as Government-funded courses and projects, Hrishi Computer Education has not only aided & certified over 35,000+ students but has also enhanced their career prospects.

To facilitate the continuity of education for several students this vacation, Hrishi Computer Education has come up with a digital learning program – HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI. At this online program students will get access to learn several of our featured online courses & also gain mastery over them.

Among these different online courses, “Microsoft Office” online course is trending & offers much more to learn than any other traditional offline course.

Why you should have the knowledge of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a leading platform to drive productivity at home and in the workplace.

From the managing email in Outlook to building analysis spreadsheets in Excel, it carries out many computer-based tasks easier.

MS Office tools are quite significant to all types of business.

It is a collection of different office related applications and each application provides a unique purpose and offers specific services to users.

Free Bundled Courses with MS-Office

microsoft word course

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is widely used word processor software designed by Microsoft. At present, it is essential for every individual to know about how to operate & use MS Word features.
microsoft Excel course

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is widely used in most finance related activities. Whether it is preparation of annual budget, income statements, annual reports, pay rolls and invoice, and other account related works.
microsoft power point

Microsoft PowerPoint

Presentations have now become a daily routine job in every industry. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool for giving a presentation. It is a very good and easy tool to give a visual effect to the presentation.

Advantages of Learning Microsoft Office

It is a universal software as it is now compatible with mobile devices too.

You can use MS Office applications offline as well as online.

It gives more flexibility in the work.

You can easily achieve your goals because each tool comes with helpful features.

You can create entertaining and informative presentations, manage data, communicate with people by using MS Office tools.

Almost every business use Microsoft Office Applications.

It also allows multiple employees to all work on the same files online from separate computers.